ft Amanda Black – Umqombothi 2.0

Legendary singer – has teamed with Afro-pop songstress, Amanda Black to collab’ on the iconic South African Umqombothi song. The hit song was composed by the legendary Sello Chicco Twala and speaks to the pride of brewing African Beer – King Korn.

First performed by Yvonne Chaka-Chaka in 1988, The “Umqombothi” song has proved over the years to be a classic -– much like the actual process of brewing Umqombothi. Both Mam and Amanda Black have their respective generational following and for the first time, these two artists are bringing generations together.

Their tradition, culture and African pride are embraced in their lyrics, traditional attires and stipples of Xhosa face paint.

DOWNLOAD: Yvonne Chaka Chaka ft Amanda Black – Umqombothi 2.0

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