Youngs Teflon – Call of Duty 3 (Mixtape)

Youngs Teflon of Duty 3 ()

South London’s Youngs Teflon has shared his long-awaited project, of Duty 3. Following of Duty 2 which dropped in 2011, COD3 is the third instalment of Youngs Teflon’s series and the project is just as lyric-heavy as ’d expect from a lyricist as established as Tefs.

The project begins with the soulful and head-bopping “”, which sets the tone for the rest of the record as Tefs delivers real rap throughout. COD3 is made up of a whole load of new material, but also includes the recently released tracks “El Classico”, “Double Dose” with Tiny Boost, “Old Trafford Pt.2” and “Alpo” featuring K-Trap. In addition to Boost and Trap, Tefs also calls on north London’s RV and fellow south Londoner Dave – who delivers a deep verse on “Rule Of Two”.

COD3 is out now everywhere.

DOWNLOAD: Youngs Teflon,Call of Duty 3 (Mixtape)