Tiwa Savage’s S3xtape finally Leaks Online (Watch18+)

Tiwa Savage’s S3x Video finally Leaks Online

Tiwa Savage earlier called out controversial blogger, Gistlover for not being happy about the way she handled her s3x tape scandal. She asserts that Gistlover wanted to disgrace, destroy and shame her on social media by threatening to reveal her s3x tape gist before she did.

Recall on the 17th of October, during her ‘Eko on Show’ performance, Tiwa Savage revealed that the tape actually exists, but it will never be seen in this lifetime. And sang about how the unknown guy in the s3xtape used his manhood (d*ick) to injure her. On Monday Night, the alleged s3xtape of Tiwa Savage hit the internet and it got everyone talking. The short video was reportedly [email protected] by Gistlover.

An unconfirmed report revealed that the act was carried out below deck on a small Yacht.


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73 thoughts on “Tiwa Savage’s S3xtape finally Leaks Online (Watch18+)

  1. But y this from the recorder. The man in question must know more sbout this video. He should be arrested for violation of Tiwa Savage nude picture display’ also the renter of the yacht be arrested also. One one can be a victim. So i sympathise.

      1. Allowing someone to record you doesn’t mean you allowed ´em to publish it. If you shoot a video for an artist as a director, does it mean that the video is yours or that artist? And even before releasing the video there must be an agreement on when should it be released. If you released someone video without their knowledge that’s against media laws and ethics if you attended the class you will know.

  2. You all are stupid for trying to attack the man. Your sister Tiwa wey be Toto nko. No be she allow the recording in the first place still de rub her clit on top de catch fun.

    1. She was actually enjoying the fun without considering the consequences. They are both at fault, especially Tiwa for allowing the man record her.

    2. Even if TIWA allowed the recording, it was not for public consumption. So the camera man should be arrested for leaking this video

  3. Something is not right……. She is about to hit the world’s biggest stage… They(illuminati) had to give her that hardest task as price to pay

    1. Hmmm, u gatf me thinking about dis all day, cause there is no way tiwa will allow any man on earth record her sextape and publish it, never, moreover it was a very cheap sex, imagine a multi millionaire having such a cheap sex

      1. There are lots of sextapes in d world today futuring celebs, n lemme shock u ,d white guys sell theirs to porn movie industries onces being leaked n make alot of money of it…why will TSV deliberately make a sex tape off her self, all this are ways of making money online knowing it will go viral.

  4. Tiwa, you are to blame. Though you have your life to live but consider the life of your kids whom will forever be attached to this stigma you’ve generated all through their lifetime.

    1. To be honest tiwa is not stupid at all to let a lover filmed her just like that ofcause they do say when you love, u some times do stupid things but not in this case because she is very well aware of what was gonna happen next so I believe this was done purposely to achieving something we are yet to know but can assume, but still life goes on

      1. To me I think,by looking at the video, it is a premeditated attempt which both Tiwa and her partner knows about it.

        Please all should look at the scene vividly, you would see that it is the part of genital that is revealed. All her clothes are still on including the panties which she used her fingers to shift to one side for the guy access to her c…t.

        To me, this is a publicity stunt she is trying to pull here.

  5. When you are addicted to drugs that’s how it goes. I can bet you Tiwa is toxic when she doing this rubbish they can be recording you when you are having sex and will not say anything even Ashawo can not accept this nonsense.

  6. I can’t possibly believe that tiwa was aware of the recording process
    I don’t think she was aware of that

  7. They are both at fault especially Tiwa savage for allowing the man to record her. Was the dick to sweet or what? Why will she allow such. Anyway it’s her life but it’s her children that will live with the stigma forever…

  8. It is not Tisa savage this is scam watch the video well and the evidence the lady in the video with wine finger nails while the lady in the evidence was not in wine finger nails think before u say anything Tisa savage is my best female singer either true or false I won’t essitate to love her

  9. Tiwa should hold the guy responsible because there is no how the tape will leak if she or the guy didn’t video it. And in this video is only Tiwa’s face that is showing, that means the guys knows what happened here. And people should stop critising her no one is perfect we are all sinners and the bloggers she pls stop sharing this video

      1. SEXTAPE OR NOT. We still love u Tiwa, No one is perfect. Don’t let anyone makes u feel less of human or ur sextape has destroy ur kids future. Omo is a lie, everyone have their life to live, Shame to those who wish to bring her down with this…. Higher u go darling

  10. Tiwa fucked up well well. But the truth you can not claim that a guy loves you and posted this online. That is not love \i beg.

  11. Very bad habits I only blame tiwa because if in feature and he kids see this would she or he be happy or will the kid think he has good Protective mama.

  12. Tiwa is to be blamed here. A person of her of class should be careful of things like this cos anything, just anything can finish her career. She should not have allowed the recording in the first place, no matter what.

  13. This is not a good role model for the future generations.
    If we make light of this, we create a general subtle acceptance of promiscuity, thus eroding our culture.
    How does this bring glory to God on the last day?
    Judgement day is coming.

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