SAINt JHN ft Kanye West – Smack DVD


SAINt JHN set the globe on this past week with the release of his new album While The World Was Burning, which featured a pretty dope feature. However, SAINt JHN took to Twitter to announce that he had another Kanye feature on the way.

“That + The missing Kanye record + The right arrangement gonna be fixed next week,” replied the to a fan asking about a song update that had yet to appear on Spotify. Lo and behold, the new Kanye and JHN track has arrived.

Entitled “,” the new track is a bass-heavy banger that finds Kanye rapping in a -keyed auto-tune. The sound is reminiscent of something that Young Thug or would perform. Stream the new single and let us know what you think .

DOWNLOAD: SAINt JHN ft Kanye West – Smack DVD