Namaste Wahala Movie Songs (Soundtrack)

Namaste Movie Songs (Soundtrack)

Namaste is a Nigerian romantic comedy film that attempts to break the barrier between India and Nigeria through a beautiful love story. The movie follows Raj, an Indian investment banker who finds himself falling in love with a Nigerian lady called Didi.

seems to be going in their lives until they realise that their conservative parents won’t let the union take place. The movie has every bit of the Bollywood touch with its colourful essence and musical drama. The film became an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix. But what became a highlight of Valentine’s week is the blockbuster music that went into the movie.

Namaste has its heart in the right place as it amalgamates the two cultures wonderfully with the help of music. The Namaste soundtrack consists of six songs that include remixes and dance numbers to groove to at a house-party. While critics had both good and bad things to say about the movie, they admitted to having thoroughly enjoyed the music that captured the Indian essence perfectly.

Pursuing Happiness became the most searched song from the list immediately after the movie’s premiere, many called it an inspiring song. Let You Go had the couple teleporting to several locations as they broke into dance in the chorus, just like a piece out of a Bollywood movie.

The song might just become a wedding regular from now on with Punjabi beats backing the Western track. It was the movie’s wedding song that captured the troop in their element, dancing to the Indian beats.

1: Kelvin Ebuka “Opdate” Otum Nanya Ijeh – DOWNLOAD
2: M.I Abaga, Kelvin Ebuka – Pursuing HappinessDOWNLOAD
3: Dwayne Gamree – I Don’t Want to Let You GoDOWNLOAD
4: Nanya Ijeh – Cant (Heartbreak Song) – DOWNLOAD
5: Refix (Amos)DOWNLOAD
6: Namaste Wahala Refix (DJ Suketu)DOWNLOAD

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