Luka Pryce & The Big Hash – Mission Pryce (Re-Up)

Luka Pryce & The Big Hash – Mission Pryce

The Big Hash, who recently expressed his plan to help open up the industry for more upcoming artists has join forces with his newest discovery – Luka Pryce on “Mission Pryce”.

Most rappers wait years to grant others an opportunity to join them in the industry, The Big Hash decided that he can take on the journey with others. He announced ahead of the release of his single Peace Of Mind that he has co-signed a Durban based artist named Luka Pryce and explained his reason.

“I co-signed a rapper from Durban too! Y’ ever heard of Luka Pryce? That nigga too 🥶 🔥🔥🔥🔥 WE GOT A BANGER out at midnight, taking it back to SoundCloud for the kids 🇿🇦 Niggas complaining about SA , up & lemme talk my shit, I had fun making this shit,” announced.

Produced by Philaman Beats.

DOWNLOAD: Luka Pryce & The Big Hash – Mission Pryce

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