Loti – Violent Times (EP)

Violent Times ()

At a when life is most difficult for many of us, especially for creatives detached from the shackles of traditional professions, continues to on his own terms.

The genreless R&B boy has been navigating through the world of Sins & Scenes; a space dedicated to the vulnerable youth who have pledged their lives to giving into their most hedonistic tendencies. With his new release, Violent Times, he’s at the most fiery and most intentional phase of his musical journey so far.

“I just want it to be bragging rights for the people who and fuck with me. Like, the same guy who did Violent Times is the same guy who did Sins & Scenes. I want it to make a statement.”

Violent Times is A melancholic R&B tape with stories we can all relate to, with features from Kasheefah, Yinka Oshodi & Rey Blaque.

1: Dying InsideDOWNLOAD
2: Swear (ft. Kasheefah)DOWNLOAD
3: 90s Hopeless Romantics (ft. Yinka Oshodi)DOWNLOAD
4: 2020 Won (ft. Rey Blaque)DOWNLOAD