Internet Money – Lemonade ft. Don Toliver, Gunna & NAV

ft. Don Toliver, Gunna &

On “ raps about the kind of lifestyle they are exposed to on the merit of their success. They brag about their money, expensive possessions, parties and drug use while reflecting on how far they’ve come.

The pre-chorus and verse references the prescription drugs Xanax and Aderall; doors representing the expensive cars they ride in, and the term ‘bag’ clearly referencing the huge stacks of money they possess or sometimes carry around. Don also mentions Belgian fashion Raf Simons, stating that wearing the ’s clothes makes him look so good that college girls would be willing to gratify him sexually.

Throughout the song, the rappers boast about their riches, fame and success journey while claiming that they wouldn’t snitch on their friends or each other even when they are detained by the police. They cite different instances where they got detained, while assuring each other that they would not betray each other.

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