Amaarae – Butterfly

Amaarae – Butterfly

, songwriter, and producer Amaarae first learned about Juneteenth as a child in Atlanta having just emigrated from Accra, Ghana.

“I was in third grade and it was a part of our Black history lesson,” says. “There is a bittersweet that comes with the holiday, knowing that human beings with lives, rights, and families should not have endured this sort of torture to begin with. There is also some joy in their hope and their perseverance to not be defined by the pain.”

For Apple Music’s Juneteenth-inspired Freedom collection of covers and originals, Amaarae chose to Herbie Hancock’s “Butterfly,” a written by the jazz great’s sister Jean Hancock.

“It’s about the sweetness of freedom and the power of transformation and growth,” Amaarae says. “This symbolizes both the plight and pleasure of the Black experience.”

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