ALBUM: L’vovo & Danger – Sgubhu OverDose

: & Danger – Sgubhu

and Danger team up in delivering this amazing titled Sgubhu . After quite releases for the week, they reasoned together and knew their fans would definitely want to see them mesh together to deliver something worth the time.

DJ Tira and Mlu made the first appearance on Akekho Omunye before took the next round on the . Tracks like and Simkantshubomvu are tracks DJ Tira made sure he delivered so well on and did not put his fans to shame. It all got suspicious too since we saw and Danger appeared on Mkantshubomvu which also featured DJ Tira by Mphow 69.

Seeing L’vovo and Danger once again, they put an end to all suspicions.

DOWNLOAD: L’vovo & Danger – Sgubhu OverDose (ZIP)

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