ALBUM: Kid Tini – The Second Coming

ALBUM: Kid Tini The Second Coming

It’s officially bully season, and Kid Tini is back to play in his playground as he releases his brand new single ‘Nana Thola’ featuring Tau Ea Lesotho Malome Vector ahead of the second coming.

Kid Tini’s album ‘The Second Coming’ is scheduled to be released today, the 18th of December.

1: Winning (feat. LaSauce)
2: Nana Thola (feat. Malome Vector)
3: Sathane (feat. Blaq Diamond)
4: Andisababoni
5: Icebo
6: Habana Loka (feat. Malome Vector)
7: Backseat (feat. Manny Yack)
8: My People Kid Tini
9: Bafana (feat. Zakwe & Blaq Diamond)
10: How Many Times
11: Delela (feat. Kwesta)
12: Amen (feat. Sbahle)
13: Russian Roulette
14: Lollipop
15: Sucker Free
16: Life (feat. S’Villa)


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