ALBUM: AKA – Bhovamania


AKA proves again to be the Supa Mega as he drops a massive EP titled . He has shown great works and amazing vibes towards the EP since he announced working on a project.

In the project, he opens the EP with a first track titled Intro after releasing the EP to Sho Madjozi and Flvme on Casino. Supa Mega brings everything to an end as he also closes the EP with his recently leaked track titled Iron Duke with L -Tido In promoting the EP too, he also released the official music videos for Energy, Monument, and Cross My Heart.

On , AKA addresses matters of the heart, mind and soul over EDM, Afropop and house music. He taps into an array of samples and clips tailored around the theme of wrestling in a way that’s both nostalgic and cinematic. “There’s a lot of electric guitar on the album which is very much in the style of vintage WWE wrestler entrance themes,” he tells Apple Music.

“I tried to play on that throughout the album to give it that kind of texture and those wrestling clips gave it that feel. In hip-hop you project a persona, sometimes get stuck in character and become a bit larger than life with the drama and over-the-top-ness. That’s what the parallels between the two art forms are.”

Here, he talks us through each track on his conceptual EP below..

  1. IntroDOWNLOAD
  2. Casino ft. Sho Madjozi & FlvmeDOWNLOAD
  3. Heavy Drank ft. K.ODOWNLOAD
  5. Python ft. Don Design & MoozlieDOWNLOAD
  6. Cross My HeartDOWNLOAD
  7. Finessin’DOWNLOAD
  8. Holy WaterDOWNLOAD
  9. Energy ft. Gemini MajorDOWNLOAD
  10. Monuments ft. Yanga Chief & DDOWNLOAD
  11. African ManDOWNLOAD
  12. Mr ft. Yanga Chief & DOWNLOAD
  13. Iron Duke (ft. L-Tido)DOWNLOAD
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